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World Affairs – Victory Or Slavery by T.L. Davis – Virginia Political Update – 22-09

The actions by the West and Ukraine (US is part of the West, so no need to be redundant) to arm themselves or to join in some form of union if they want, is THEIR business. Putin has no actual say in the matter. If the West wants to do business with Ukraine, it can. If it wants to protect itself with nuclear missiles, it can. If Putin wants to start a war over that, it’s HIS war. He started it. Other nations have other ways of going about things, such as sanctions He chose the path of war. He and he alone.

There is nothing morally wrong in any way about Ukraine working however it wants with the West, so long as it is doing no ACTUAL harm to another nation. They may perceive it as a threat, and they may be entirely wrong about that! Who knows the intentions of another person, much less of an entire nation. However, if any nation preemptively uses those missiles against Russia, that’s definitely wrong. By the same token if Russia pre-emptively launches a war against Ukraine because it perceives a threat that is wrong.

I’m sure you had no hesitation, nor did Eric, in declaring the US wrong for launching a preemptive war against Iraq because of perceived threats. NEITHER DID I! I was totally against it. But the same standard applies just as much to Russia now as the US then. Preemptive attacks, wrong? If you are right, I suppose, that your enemy was going to attack you, that would be different. But we have no reason at all to believe Iraq was going to attack the US with WMD (that it turned out not to even have, as I said back then would likely prove to be the case), and we have no reason at all to believe Ukraine was going to attack Russia either. So, just plain wrong. Same standard applies to all nations equally, US included because truth couldn’t care less WHO you are.

Is it wrong for Russia to be concerned about that possibility? NO. Does that make it right for Russia to go in and slaughter all kinds of Ukrainians, blow up their livelihoods, ravage their beautiful cities and countryside and traumatize millions of their children for the rest of their lives? No! Ukraine did not attack Russia, and it had no apparent intention of attacking Russia, and no nation has a right to go in an attack another just because it doesn’t like what that nation is doing!

Until you apply exactly the same standard to Russia as you do to the US, you’re a moral hypocrite. The US has done lots of wrong, and I REGULARLY condemn it WHEN IT HAPPENS in my own articles. I do not, however, use it, as this article does and as Eric’s comments do, to cover for the equal wrongs of another nation doing the same kinds of things. So, you an Eric and Rickards can try to spin the tables and turn all this on the US, but your seething hatred for the US government is blinding you to the evils now being enacted by Putin without any provocation TOWARD HIM OR TOWARD RUSSIA, and he has his own LONG history of evils. If I were going to apply your twisted reasoning, I could just argue back that every wrong war the US gets itself wrongly into is Russia’s fault because Russia has done it in the past, too. It’s nonsense.


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