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Ukraine Invasion Update – Join the International Brigade – 22-06

The 11th Hour…🕚⌛
As it was famously said
” Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” – Reagan
As the world watches a nation in its most desperate hour. Every man, woman, and child is in the fight for their lives. Freedoms that should have been exercised long ago, are now used as a last resort as the current seat of power distributes weapons to the civilian population. With optimistically a weeks worth of training or less, the situation is dire as they are facing the largest invasion in Europe since WWII.
The lesson here is to seek knowledge and training before you need it, not when you need it. The fact of the matter is, if all of the reputable instructors had to train every civilian in a week to defend our nation; it would not be enough. When you’re trying to prepare weapons, training, ammo, and logistics when the enemy is at our doorstep it’s too late.
Train now, train often, educate your friends, and your family.
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