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The Prophets of Doom – 21-36

Great stuff in this show: 

Pace Plan 

Make communists cry:

Yesterday on the Politico website, the top story was “Virginia is for worriers: Governor race poses real risk to Dem agenda.”

According to the article:

If McAuliffe doesn’t pull out a win, some pessimistic Democrats privately predicted a “collapse” on Capitol Hill, where party leaders are already struggling to unite sparring progressives and centrists around a roughly $2 trillion social infrastructure package. …  “Terry losing is catastrophic for the agenda,” said one longtime Democratic aide.

These comments prove the the eyes of the nation are on Virginia and how important it is to elect a Republican Governor and House of Delegates. A Republican victory here would represent a decisive defeat, not only for Terry McAuliffe, but for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

If you haven’t already done so, please vote early in person (location information here and here). You can also help by encouraging your friends to vote … and if you have to, take them to the polls yourself.


Rob Bell

PS: This week there was significant national attention (see here) on a new Virginia law that allows schools to avoid reporting certain misdemeanor crimes to law enforcement, including sexual assault and stalking. The law passed in 2020 on a 46-44 party-line vote, with  Republicans voting “no.” This is just one more reason to vote Republican and end one-party Democratic rule in Virginia.

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