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The Lockdown Is Breaking – Episode 20-15


In this episode I will talk about how the lockdown stranglehold that the little “t” tyrants in Richmond and other states is finally breaking loose.



Too Late To Apologize

Dear pastor,
I wanted to start off this letter by saying thank you for all the hard work that I know goes into preparing and executing the teaching of God’s word.
I want to thank the staff and everyone involved that makes it all possible as well. I know it isn’t an easy to talk to a camera instead of a congregation. And I know that technology frequently fails. I’m thankful for the radio station. I’m thankful for the live streams of various types. And for the pastors and staff working to do things with my teens virtually.
However, I am wondering at what point is the church going to push back on this government overreach.
liquor stores aren’t closed.
abortion clinics aren’t closed.
there are many things that are not closed that are far more dangerous, if this virus is the thing that they say it is.
I don’t believe that it is. but moreover I choose to accept the risks if it is. I’m done sitting at home. And while I’m grateful for the opportunity to come to a drive-in service if I have to sit in my car and listen to a radio I’ll sit at home and listen to the radio.
I think what we should be doing is telling those that are at risk, those that are afraid, those that choose not to accept the risks, stay home. The rest of us we will fellowship, as the word of God commands us to.
I also want to say that our rights come from God they do not come from the Constitution, but they are written there. We have the right to peaceably assemble, and this is a right and it is unalienable. We have the right to exercise our religion and not have government tell us how and  IF we can.
It is time for us as believers to stand up and refuse to accept the restrictions on our liberty. This is the time that people need church. We are being played by the government and we are playing right into their hands. And it’s sad.
And we need to push back and if we go to jail then we go to jail. Would we be accepting these restrictions if there wasn’t this supposed virus? I know the answer is no!
We do not answer to the government. We the people are sovereign. Those in government are servants not our masters.
So I respectfully would ask that we reopen church and we begin holding services again.
Thank you,

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