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The Great Reset – Ukraine – Virginia Gas Price Gouging – 22-10

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From: Aidan Johnston
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2022 11:02 PM
Subject: Biden Expands Gun Registry

ATF is at it Again—Rewriting Federal Law to Create New Gun Control Laws! 

What is About to Happen?

The Biden Administration has announced that it will publish its final rule to combat “ghost
guns”—or privately made firearms which are currently legal right now.

The new rule will be entitled “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms,” but it will do far more than the White House is pretending.

GOA will analyze the differences between this final rule and the previously published proposed rule, but here is what we know already. The rule will:

  • Allow ATF to end the online sale of gun parts at will (as Biden promised on the campaign trail).
  • Mandate the serialization of many gun parts, forcing Americans to undergo a background check for a new legal “firearm” in order to repair or buy replacement parts for their guns.
  • Require that 100% of Firearm Transaction Records from gun stores dating back to 2002 end up in ATF’s billion record gun registry.

You heard that right.

Not only will this mean you have to do multiple background checks to build or repair a gun

And not only can Biden’s ATF ban the online sale of gun parts without a new law…

This new rule is about expanding an already billion-record gun registry to eventually include EVERY SINGLE SALE at EVERY SINGLE GUN STORE since 2002.

This is pure gun control—ultimately people control.

GOA is Fighting Back!


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