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If you are in Virginia and now find yourself behind enemy lines then Radio Free Virginia is for you.

This podcast exists to bring you truth and information in a summary format so you can keep up to date on what the communists in Richmond are doing and how you can combat their agenda.

This is a home for Patriots, communists need not apply, nor those that hate America.

Our first show launched on December 5, 2019 and we strive to bring you a weekly podcast and informational blog (show notes) to keep up to date on the infringements on your liberty and the growth of tyranny in Virginia and outside of the commonwealth if it effects you!

Your host is Hank Reardon. A patriot producing this show from occupied territory. Hank is a former Steel Company CEO. A former Republican chairman, he started a local tea party and was a leader for over 2 years, but  he was too radical for that group. He is a NRA firearms instructor and and active competitive shooter. He regularly teaches people how to safely shoot, move, and communicate. Something that if the VA tyrants get their way will be illegal. He will continue to train others regardless. He is a Christian, libertarian leaning, constitutional, Jeffersonian, revolutionary conservative. Now that all of this is out of the way this show is sure to make it on the SPLC hate list. Radio Free Virginia dares to speak truth, and to call out Marxists traitors to our state and country.

Join us by helping to spread the word about this show.