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A Letter from Mark Warner Richest Scumbag Democrat Senator – Soviet Life – Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate CH1 – Disband the FBI – 22-23

Email from Mark Warner:

Hey folks,

I know there’s a lot of news coming out of Washington recently, so I want to take a few minutes to briefly recap what I’ve gotten done for Virginians this year and what’s next.

To lower costs for you
I’m extremely concerned by rising costs at the pump, pharmacy, and stores. A few weeks ago, we had a major win I’ve been fighting for to ease supply chains and cut costs by making more semiconductors in America. With this signed into law, we’ll start producing more of the microchips that power ALL our electronics here at home, which will help strengthen national security and drive down costs. We also just passed a law that will majorly incentivize domestic energy production – including green energy – so we can lower gas and power bills.

To address health costs, I championed provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act to lower premiums, cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors, and allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. The provisions in these laws may not bring costs down overnight, but they’re meaningful steps towards stabilizing our economy and providing relief at the register.

To build an economy that works for all
It’s critical to me to build an economy and public services that work for ALL Virginians. On this front, I helped broker a historic infrastructure law that will create jobs, restore dilapidated roads and bridges, and improve services like airports and public transportation. I’ve got a webpage explaining some of what we’ve already secured for projects here in the Commonwealth, and I expect that Virginia will keep receiving grants over the next decade for all sorts of projects as a result of this landmark accomplishment.

I’m also working to make taxes more fair and your interactions with the IRS more efficient and less frustrating. That’s why I fought for better funding for the IRS so they can finally afford the modern tech and in-person staff they need to provide better customer service, process returns, and get you your tax refunds quicker. We’re also working to make sure that the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations are paying their fair share – lowering our deficit by over $300 billion dollars in the process.

To keep Americans safe
Public safety and national security are top of mind for me – it’s why I serve as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In the past year we’ve worked incredibly hard to strengthen global alliances and get aid to Ukraine so they can stand in opposition to Russia’s illegal invasion. I’ve also been getting important legislation done to support access to benefits for veterans and build an additional veterans’ care facility in Virginia.

But wait – there’s more. I also voted for the most impactful gun safety legislation in 30 years to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and get more support for mental health care.

To protect the freedoms and rights of Virginians…
In April, I voted to confirm a tremendously qualified and independent Supreme Court justice – Ketanji Brown Jackson – who will be a fierce defender of Americans’ constitutional rights. I also worked to broker bipartisan compromise to update antiquated election laws so that we never have an event like Jan. 6 again. My hope is we’ll get it passed soon.

…and their pets
I’m not leaving our four-legged Virginians behind either – after reports of abuse at an Envigo breeding and research facility in Cumberland, I called for a federal investigation, and now 4,000 beagles are being adopted into loving homes across the country.

What’s to come
While it’s been a remarkably productive year, a lot remains to be done. I look forward to voting to protect marriage equality in September. I’m disappointed that some of my colleagues have obstructed commonsense action to protect the right to vote and to access health care – but I’ll keep speaking out on these issues and pushing for progress. I also shepherded a bill to provide student debt relief to victims of financial and domestic abuse unanimously through the Senate, and I’m hopeful that the House will take it up soon.

No matter what, I am going to keep pushing for real solutions that help lower costs, keep Virginians safe, and protect our freedoms. If you want to share your thoughts about an issue that’s important to you, you can send me an email any time using the form on my Senate website. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you.

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