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5 New Rules – Keep Calm and Take 5 With You – Coronavirus – 20-9


5 New Rules:
Nobody is coming to save you!
EVERYTHING is your responsibility
Save who NEEDS to be saved
Kill who NEEDS to be killed
Always be working
Keep calm and take 5 with you!

Good analysis from JJS:
I’ve not listened to this yet:
Sam Culper with Forward Observer.

Virginia Law Update:
Amanda Chase Update:
Life Just Got More Expensive… thanks to the liberal leadership in the Virginia Assembly.
There will be gas tax increases – It just remains to be seen how much, how fast and in what regions.Local government will be able to levy more taxes – gas, admissions, cigarettes, lodging, meals etc.
Big Labor – public employee collective bargaining, minimum wage, project labor agreements, prevailing wage means higher construction costs on all government construction projects including roads, schools etc.Result – higher taxes. (A minimum wage increase affects government employees (i.e.: taxpayers) too!Increased vehicle registration fees!Big Hospitals – expanded Certificate of Public Need (COPN) – everything the hospitals ever dreamed of.. Result – higher medical bills.Big Environment money interests – climate change mandates throughout the bills will raise electric rates and cost us at the state and local government levels!When I’m elected Governor, I’ll do everything in my power to insure that Virginians keep more of their money instead of giving it away towards wasteful government spending. 💯
LGBTQ Nonsense:
B. The term “gender identity,” when used in reference to discrimination in the Code and acts of the General Assembly, means the gender-related identity, appearance, or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, with or without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth.

BSA files for CH11

Rockingham and Agusta say NO to militias.
Signals Operating Instructions

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